A Bit About Morningside Atlanta Real Estate

The Atlanta neighborhood of Morningside is located in Fulton County and spans two zip codes, 30324 and 30306. The area size, according to City-Data is 2.231 square miles and the population, as of 2013, is 9,146 which is 4,100 people per square mile.

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Zip Code Pricing Trends

Average Sold Sales Price within a year, set to every 3 months, Quarter 1 to 4, using both zip codes to compare. Keep in mind these real estate graphs below will update every quarter. Be sure to bookmark this page to see updates.

The above graphs are comparing both the zip codes in Morningside Atlanta, 30306 and 30324. It takes a look at a full year in quarters, every 3 months total. Red is for Single Family Homes, Purple is for townhomes (attached homes), Green is for Condo, (high rise Atlanta condo and attached one level homes).